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Home Theater

A dedicated Home Theater may just become the most popular room in you home. The excitement and experience is unparalleled whether you are watching a movie, sporting event, network programming, playing video games or watching a concert video.

Our team of experts will provide design assistance to maximize the performance and experience in your room. This same philosophy applies to all size rooms and budgets. Our system designers will review your needs and budget to design a system tailored to you.

Our process always starts with an evalauton of your space or room. This fundamental step is most important in all system designs. This analysis will impact screen and seating locations. It will also provide assistance on speaker and electronics positioning. Film Screens are availailbve in different sizes, ratios, and materials. We will make product recommendations that will provide optimal performance and experience in your room.

Having a routine Movie Night is a perfect way to get your family together and just relax. This exciting living space can be used by your children and their friends for years and years to come. Many of our customers love the idea of trying to keep their kids entertained at home.

Our expert staff is available and excited to help you design your Home Theater. We can make recommendations for noise dampening, best choices for paint colors and finishes, lighting placement and control, as well as floor coverings. Then we can take your theater to the next level with acoustical treatments and custom theater furniture.

Bring the Movies To your Home. When is your next Movie Night!