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Whole House Audio & Video

Enhance your lifestyle with comfort, convenience and ease of use. While at home or away, know that you can control many of your home’s systems with just the push of a button. Yes, today’s Automation Systems provide interfaces for your phone, iPod and iPad. These solutions range from simple family room controls to whole-home entertainment and management. Control your Home’s Music, Video, Lights, Cameras, Thermostats, Irrigation and More. These systems are wonderful for remote monitoring of your Vacation Home. No more long drives to simply turn up the heat or turn off the security system.

Today’s whole house music & video systems will amaze you. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a superstar to afford one. Almost everybody has and IPod or IPhone and the ITunes software. This can be part of a distributed audio system so that you can listen to your music library while you in the kitchen, on the patio, or in the bathtub. Want something different? You can also listen to online services such as Rhapsody or Pandora.

Speaker companies have many designs that will blend in and become almost invisible. Architectural in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are designed to be painted to match your wall or ceiling. Rock and planter speakers can be placed in your landscaping or on your patio without being eyesores.

While entertaining your guests with background music at a party, the system will silence the music and play a doorbell tone when someone is at the front door, then return the music back to the original volume.

Our video distribution systems provide great convenience while hiding the electronics and saving you money. Rather than having a cable or satellite box for each TV, place a few boxes with your video distribution and view them from any TV in the house. Watching a movie in the family room, but want to move to another room? Just hit pause, turn off the family room TV, and continue watching it the other room. It is that simple.

From a single zone system to multiple-zone systems, we will be able to build and install a system for you that is functional but easy to use.